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THIS WAY UP is the fourth anthology by the talented, disparate community of writers known as The Superstars. 


This year we tackle love, loss, zombies and consequences, all wrapped up in the places defined by the nature of the in-between.


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The first time Ottie saw Death, she was six years old... 

A tale of life, Death and unexpected friendship, MAYFLIES or The Girl Who Spoke to Death is an intriguing short story from Lauren K. Nixon.

To her neighbours, Ottilia is a perfectly normal woman. But she is a woman with a secret - one which she will take to her grave. More or less!

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HEY KID is the debut collection of poetry by Pennine poet, Rae Bailey.

The poems in this collection explore the grief of losing a friend.


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FUNCTIONING AS INTENDED is the third anthology by the talented, disparate community of writers known as The Superstars. This fresh collection of stories, poems, snippets and experiments is the result of twelve months of prompts, picked at random and posted on the first day of every month between November 2016 and October 2017.


A contemporary fantasy with a twist, THE HOUSE OF VINES invites you into a magical chaotic world that lies just beneath the surface of our own.

At the heart of the sleepy market town of Brindleford is an old shopping arcade. Half-empty and generally overlooked by the inhabitants, it is full of secrets. But all that is about to change. There are darker things afoot in the town of Brindleford. In a church on the outskirts of the town an ancient evil is stirring, responding to the call of the wicked soul in search of it…

A refreshing new novella from from Lauren K. Nixon, THE FOX AND THE FOOL celebrates love and friendship from the very edge of things.

Sometimes in Illyria you find yourself in need of a friend, particularly among fools.
​A gentle, strange romance between two people who spend their lives on the edge of things, set after the events of Twelfth Night. Things have settled quite amicably since the marriages of the two great houses of the town. But now there's a new fool on the scene - and we are all fools in love.

SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED is the second anthology by The Superstars, an eclectic group of writers and artists, and curated by Lauren K. Nixon.

An exciting mix of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, this collection represents a year’s worth of creation on every conceivable topic, from the light to the dark, and the fantastic to the mundane.

Ghosts! Murders! Gnomes! Time Travel! You never know what's around the corner!

Lose yourself in the past, fight for survival in the long night and enter an asylum with a sinister secret.

Rooks and Apples is a bittersweet story of connection and loss, and a love that transcends even time.

In The Long Dark, someone is picking off the crew of the lunar Helium 3 mine. 

The Butterfly and the Lion proves that you can find friends in the most unexpected of places. 

In Echoes of the Light, nothing is ever quite as it seems...

TITLE NOT INCLUDED is an exciting anthology of short stories, created over the period of a year by a community of writers, The Short Story Superstars, and curated by Lauren K. Nixon.


Take a walk on the strange side with lost letters, discovered treasures, nightmares, daydreams, gateways to other worlds, and the occasional cookie!

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