The best thing about writing, I've found, is the number of kindred spirits you come across! Here are just a few, whose sites I think you'll love!

Jessica Grace Coleman

Jessica Grace Coleman is a successful Fantasy author, with two series under her belt, along with a bunch of great short stories.


The Little Forest series are spooky, dark and thrilling, following the adventures of Beth Powers (who would be perfectly normal - if she couldn't see the dead) and her friends.


The upcoming Downfall trilogy is similarly thrilling, but I'll let her tell you about that herself!

The Forensic Bibliophile

The Forensic Bibliophile is a fabulous review site and blog, where you can find engaging and impartial book reviews - particularly on the subjects of crime, thriller, dystopian/ utopian fiction, Sci-Fi, and fantasy across both the Adult and YA spectrum.


I'm looking forward to seeing great things from this blog, but I'll let her tell you more about that herself!

No One Sleeps Naked in this House

This is a cracking blog, dealing with life, love and bees, in Rhode Island


The dry, sparkling wit and wisdom of Nicrophorus is at its best here - though I do love her fiction, too!


I always enjoy these blog posts landing in my inbox, but I'll let her tell you more about that herself!

The Wooden Tooth Factory

The Wooden Tooth Factory is where J. McGraw's brain lives when it isn't being a museum professional and osteoarchaeologist.


It's a place where stray thoughts, characters, and plot lines gather for company. Some say this is the place where the rest of her first name went to live a full and happy life, but she couldn't possibly comment.


I love J. McGraw's writing - but I'll let her tell you more about that herself!

PhoenixShaman Art

This is the home of the art of PhoenixShaman, artist and writer extraordinaire.


Quite a bit of their work is used in Title Not Included - oh, and they're open to commissions!


Well worth keeping an eye on, and I'll let them tell you more about that themselves!


Another brilliant blog, this one about writing, philosophy, politics and all things Australian


The wisdom, mirth and thoughtfulness of Myzania runs through her blog - well worth adding to your RSS!


I always look forward to these blog posts landing in my inbox, but I'll let her tell you more herself!

Carl Mitchell

This is the site of Carl Mitchell designer, illustrator and northerner.


Carl is another dry wit, who spends his time editing things, designing awesome t-shirts and trying to make me watch things like Sharknado II. In fact, he made the logo for this website!


He also writes and illustrates a few awesome comics, but I'll let him tell you more himself!

Coleman Editing
Keep On Trowelling

Keep On Trowelling is a witty and fascinating archaeology blog, run by my mate bonekicker28.


She's a digger on the front line of British Archaeology, and therefore quite often cheerfully neck-deep in mud, trowelling through thousands of years of archaeology - but I'll let her tell you more about that herself!

Short Story Superstars

The Superstars are an eclectic and eccentric community of writers from across the globe.

Each month they tackle a new prompt, and each year they pull together an anthology of short stories, poetry and essays.

Curated by Lauren K. Nixon.

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